About Thornhill Accounting Services

Backed by the experienced CPAs at Thornhill, Thornhill Accounting Services (TAS) powers your business with simplified bookkeeping and accounting that can be done anywhere, anytime.

platform and people

Platform + People

Our cloud-based platform makes passing account information to TAS a simple task. You don’t need an accounting background to navigate our platform either, which means anyone at the office can help with updating the books. And every step along the way, you have a dedicated accountant ready to offer support and expertise.

Secure Solution

The TAS platform incorporates the latest encryption technology and two-factor authentication to ensure that your sensitive information is secure. Additionally, company management has complete control of who has access to the platform and what information is available to them.


Strategic Planning

TAS is not only dedicated to keeping the books in order, but to helping your business grow. With the help of Thornhill, you can explore ways to think more strategically about your finances and operations. We’ll take a deep dive into the business and identify ways to maximize your income and growth opportunities.

About Thornhill

Thornhill encompasses a team of experienced CPAs dedicated to helping clients achieve financial success. The Thornhill team has extensive experience guiding businesses to financial clarity with expert accounting services, and we’ve distilled that down to create the simplified yet comprehensive TAS platform.

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